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vikram sharma


Experienced coach helping young people become smart and acquire capabilities to succeed in the changing world.

Patricia Afonso

Career Coach

I am a marketing & business development consultant with 14 years of experience. I currently also coach entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals while completing my full accreditation as a life, career, and resilience coach with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. I also sit on the board of start-ups with a positive social impact.

Adrian Smith


Business Mentor, for Startups, SMES and new ventures,

Atreyi Hajra

Career Coach

A dynamic, high-performing, result-focused leader with over 22 years of experience in the IT industry, primarily into Delivery Management, people management. Passionate about coaching and mentoring professionals and young adults. I conduct Career Coaching and Mentoring as well as Life Coaching.

siddharth pandit

Video Gaming

I am a video gaming expert in football sports.

Mandar Athalekar


Entrepreneur, Author, Senior Business Strategy Consultant, Professional Trainer and Thought Leader with over 22 years of experience

Aakansha Sahay


Mentoring For Achieving Life Goals, Life Coach, Mental Health Specialist and Soft Skills Trainer

Sebati Iyengar

Career Coach

Building effective people processes for successful businesses with experience across - Organisation Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Technology in HR, Talent Acquisition and Management, Learning and Development, Compensation, Employee Experience and Engagement, and Performance Management.

Shanti Sharma

Life Coach

Certified Learning and Development Manager (CLDM) and a seasoned Learning professional with 23+ years of work

Kulshum Azmi

Life Coach

Behavior Consultant · Training Specialist · Communications Specialist· Life Coach · Lead Instructor

Blaga Milosheva

Career Coach

Resume writing, application strategies, behavioral mock interviewing, and salary negotiation.

Rajeev Ranjan


I am psychologist, Life Coach, Corporate and Leadership Trainer.