Hazal Kalinci

Psychologist and Life Coach

I'm a Psychologist with MSc in Neuroscience. I've been working in an NGO which serves to immigrants and LGBT+ people for years. Let's first observe what would be better to change or develop in your life, and then continue studying them.

I've been managing online individual and group psychotherapies for more than two years. Starting from pandemic, it increased even more.

I'm volunteer in three projects right now (in an association for children with cancer - LÖSEV, in Turkish Psychology Association Trauma Crisis and Disaster Unit - TPD, online free psychological support for women in need - I worked in Pakistan with two volunteer teachers who educate children in the streets who are unable to go to school. I've been working in the international association for migrant (ASAM) more than two years. Here I managed online counseling the most and I'm able to create online structured activities.

Uludağ University/ Science-Art Faculty / Psychology (Bs), 2011-2015
Uskudar University/ Health Sciences Institute / Neuroscience (MSc), ongoing
WISC-R (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) IV, 2014
Leadership School ( Republic Of Turkey Sport and Youth Ministry ), 2012 Uludağ
University/ Education Faculty / Pedagogical Proficiency, 2016
Psychology and Psychiatry Sciences Institute / Objective Psychological Evaluation Tests
Education, 2016
Psychology and Psychiatry Sciences Institute / Hypnotherapy Education, 2016
Psychology and Psychiatry Sciences Institute / Interpretation of Drawings, 2016