Milica Krstic

Psychologist and Heal Your Life coach

Milica Krstic is a psychologist and Heal Your Life coach. She’s dedicated to women’s empowerment.
Milica is the founder of Feel Calm. She’s a licensed Heal Your Life Coach with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media, awarded by The University of Sheffield.

Psychologist, Heal Your Life Coach & Workshop Leader. I supported hundreds of people around the World to transform their businesses and lives.

Whether you are experiencing a personal, relationship related, or professional challenge I believe the journey to surpassing it can be easier with the right help by your side. Helping others achieve their dreams is an achievement of my dream!

Throughout my career, I had remote clients around the world faced with various personal, academic or professional challenges. My primary duty is to establish a trusting environment in which they can feel safe enough to discuss anything that might be troubling them and grow closer to their goals.

There are no words that can describe what it feels like to see a person turn small milestones into a new life with a new perspective and a new found sense of control, in spite of having a chronic illness that they have no control over.

I believe a meeting can shed all your doubts about whether I am the right person to help you or not. Reach out and let me answer any questions you have in a FREE of charge first meeting