Patricia Afonso

I am a marketing & business development consultant with 14 years of experience. I currently also coach entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals while completing my full accreditation as a life, career, and resilience coach with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. I also sit on the board of start-ups with a positive social impact.

With a marketing & business development background, I have 14+ years of experience growing businesses and talents. I now work as an independent marketing & business consultant, while I also mentor or coach professionals and entrepreneurs.

I host tailored workshops that increase my clients' clarity, confidence and self-sufficiency. Over the last year, I have been training at a Practitioner level to be accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council - coaching a variety of individuals, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals as part of my diploma requirements.

I strive to be a positive and energizing force expanding possibilities, confidence and clarity in my clients: my goal is to equip them with strategic thinking tools and self-reflective practices that increase their resilience and self-sufficiency in the long term. I also firmly believe it's important to cultivate joy and fun in the process - and life in general.

I currently offer discounted 1-2-1 coaching programmes until my full qualification in Jan/Feb 2021, alongside pro bono opportunities for social entrepreneurs with positive social or environmental impact.