Sebati Iyengar

Building effective people processes for successful businesses with experience across - Organisation Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Technology in HR, Talent Acquisition and Management, Learning and Development, Compensation, Employee Experience and Engagement, and Performance Management.

I have been working in Human Resources for 12 years, and am currently Head HR for Godrej Creamline Dairy, a 12 Billion INR company. I specialise in supporting businesses to create and manage the best people process which add value, by combining a deep understanding of the business and its employees. Over the years I have built, managed and improved people practices across mergers and acquisitions, organisation development, change management, talent acquisition, learning and development and talent management.

I have always been interested in supporting people make better choices, and with coaching I do that by creating a safe space for clients to express themselves fully, improve awareness by asking reflective questions and supporting them to create and follow an action plan. This process empowers my clients and enables them to make the best out of any situation that they would like to work through. The process is entirely led by the client through a set of choices, and the process is very effective when the client brings a willingness to introspect and commit to action.

My interests are music and literature. In my free time, I pursue my piano practice which I have been doggedly learning for the last 8 years and adding to my 1000+ book collection.