Sumit Singla

HR Expert | Business Consultant | Storyteller | Trainer

HR Expert | Business Consultant | Storyteller | Trainer

I am an experienced HR Consultant and an executive coach based in India.

With over 16 years of experience in Consulting and HR, I've recently started my own consulting firm. The last position I worked in was as an Associate Director at a Big 4 consulting firm. In addition, I have worked with industry leading consulting firms such as Accenture, Deloitte, and Aon in the past with a variety of clients and across multiple countries.

I have had the privilege of setting up HR systems from scratch and helping my clients scale up. From improving safety for a large mining site to creating HR policies and processes for startups to coaching senior leaders of companies, I've had a large multitude of experiences.

I work across HR domains and have helped multiple clients in building award-winning HR practices. In addition, I'm a good writer and have the ability to crystallize thoughts on to PowerPoint slides. Some of the posts/articles I write on LinkedIn are usually trending topics. I have also done a LOT of recruitment and have seen a few thousand resumés in my career. I do know what recruiters look for, and how to tune your resumé and your LinkedIn bio to get noticed.

I am also a Founding Member of the Josh Bersin Academy, and have been recognized among the top 25 global learners of the Academy.

Overall, my experience in advising C-suite executives, coupled with strong writing skills and storytelling puts me in pole position to work on projects that involve Consulting, learning/HR strategy, coaching and leadership, and LinkedIn profile design.

I am also working on a book project, which allows me to merge two of my passions - writing and reading. (I'm ranked among the top 50 book reviewers in India)

Among the Top 25 Organizational Design & Effectiveness consultants on Upwork, I have quickly established a reputation for high quality and timely delivery in multiple solution areas. Some of the key projects worked on include:
- Enabling organizational transformation for a large electricity distribution company in Africa
- Articulating the strategy map and KPIs for a government entity in UK
- Supporting a non-profit organization in the US to create a proposal for their client stakeholders
- Creating high-impact, interactive training on 'Essentials of Management' for a hospitality sector client in Europe
- Enabling change management for a non-governmental organization in the US facing low employee morale due to layoffs
- Enabling a recruitment firm in Australia to select and present the best candidates from a large sample to their client
- Creating an inclusion & diversity strategy for a consulting firm based in Switzerland